Centre for Soil Ecology

The Centre for Soil Ecology (CSE) is a virtual cooperation between the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) and Wageningen University and Research centre (WUR).

CSE stimulates interactions between scientists of WUR and NIOO-KNAW to bring their soil ecological science to an even higher level, and promote research opportunities for young and talented researchers in soil ecology!

For more information about soil ecology, centre goals, and other information see CSE Background page.


Monthly column about a soil inhabitant



The Agricultural Nematology Laboratory (ANL) in the Department of Horticulture at Michigan State University is seeking to fill two Postdoctoral Research Associate positions to work on soil health and nutrient cycling management in temperate and tropical cropping systems. Deadline for applications is August 10, 2016.


The aim of the project is to further our understanding of micronutrient bioavailability to crops, to design a field-scale fertilizer recommendation system for yield-limiting micronutrients and to produce digital soil maps of yield-limiting nutrients for Sub-Saharan Africa. One candidate has a strong background in soil chemistry; the other has a track record in nutrient management or agro-ecosystem functioning and preferably in geostatistics. Deadline for applications is May 21th.


Have you ever wondered what life in soil looks like?